The Mechanics Institute has its own Snooker and Billiards hall, housing two full size tables. The cost of annual membership is £15 (plus £3 for access key and 20p/ten minutes lighting for tables) and the facility is currently enjoyed by over 40 members. 

For the most part it offers a chance for a quiet game with friends but there are teams in both the Snooker and Billiard divisions of the Markington and District League for those wanting a competitive element. Teams from the Mechanics have won the Billiards League in recent years so the standards are clearly high! Please contact Mac on 01765 658590 for further details. 

Click here for a link to the Markington League website : where all the fixtures, results and league tables are available.

The club has been running for a long time and local historian Sheila Douglass has put together some information about the club and the league from the past - K M Billiards and Snooker in the 1960's.pdf